sigil magick

The Spiritual Development Beginners Collection

Manifest the life you have always envisioned by connecting your unconscious mind with the ancient art of sigil magic

Welcome to this course where we will dive deep into the fascinating world of sigil creation. Immerse yourself in the magical history of sigils and discover how they can transform your reality. Sigils are symbols that represent your wishes or desires transformed into a visual form. They are super easy to use and can be an incredibly powerful tool to shape your reality by harnessing the power of our unconscious.

One of the great things about sigils is that they are a beginner-friendly and flexible method of magic. You don't need years of study or any special abilities to start using them. With just a little bit of guidance and practice, anyone can learn how to create and use sigils to manifest their dreams in a surprisingly short amount of time. Let's get started!

what you will learn

  • How sigils work with the unconscious mind
  • The origins of sigil magick
  • Learn various sigil creation methods
  • Using sigils to attract wealth, health, purpose and love
  • Master the creation of personalised sigils
  • The power of setting intentions & how to do it correctly
  • Learn how to infuse your sigils with purpose and activate them with energy to unleash their full potential 
  • How to incorporate sigils in your magical and spiritual practices

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