Free Ancestral Healing Workshop


Empowering Women to Reclaim Their Worth

*All workshops will be recorded and a replay sent out

Unlock the power of ancestral healing in a transformative journey for women feeling undervalued, unseen, & unheard

This workshop aims to connect you with your ancestors to heal & clear the ancestral lines of negative energies, recurring patterns & traumas so that you can allow the strengths & gifts of ancestors to flow. 

Experience the Gift of Knowing Your Roots: 90 Minutes of Self-Exploration

Science has uncovered evidence suggesting that we not only inherit physical traits and biological characteristics from our grandparents and great-grandparents, but also their memories. This means that diseases, addictions, traumas, and heartbreak can be passed down through our genes. Our bodies hold the memory of our ancestors, even if we never knew them personally.

Healing our ancestry involves not only addressing the negative aspects but also finding inspiration in the wisdom, courage, and positive qualities of those in our family tree. By discovering and understanding our ancestors, we can heal the negative and embrace the positive aspects of our family lineage.

Unraveling the Tapestry of Our Ancestral Legacies: Exploring Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is a journey that delves into both the future and the past. Exploring our family tree allows us to see ourselves as part of an intricate tapestry of history, emotions, personality, achievements, tragedies, and deaths that continue through our family into infinity. It is important to realize that we carry the stories of our ancestors within us, and the purpose of ancestral healing is to understand and process these stories by utilizing contemporary ideas. Our ancestors may not have always intended to leave the legacies they did, sometimes circumstances forced their actions or they made poor decisions. However, there are various practices, rituals, exercises, and meditations that can help us work with our inheritance, embracing the positive aspects and healing the negative ones. It is crucial to acknowledge the subtle impacts that the shadows of our powerful relationship with our ancestors can have on our psychological and emotional behaviors.

the challenges you face are deeply rooted in the cauldron of your families legacy

As you gradually uncover your own unique traits and delve into your ancestral background, a captivating narrative will unfold before your eyes. It is only then that you realize how seemingly irrational fears, as well as the psychological, emotional, and physical challenges you face, are deeply rooted in the cauldron of your family heritage. It is through this journey that a remarkable pattern begins to emerge, offering profound insights into the profound influence of your family history on your own life story.

Why Choose us

If any of the following resonates for you,
then this healing session is for you 

You are carrying the weight of unresolved emotions & past traumatic experiences

You have a history of toxic, unhealthy relationships

You lack confidence, & play small for fear of being seen & judged

You struggle with personal boundaries, self-love/compassion, lack self-worth & seek external validation

You procrastinate & self-sabotage by way of avoiding the elephant in the room

You hold onto negative beliefs about wealth, love, health, success

You feel stuck, & have no idea what your direction in life is, or your purpose is anymore


entangled roots

I reflect on my complex family history and the profound effect it has had on my life. Much like an intricately designed tapestry, my life is a collage of my ancestors' stories, woven together to create a unique and meaningful narrative that encapsulates my past


With the provided workbook, we will reflect on your family's rich tapestry of history and examine the values, abilities, and strengths that have been passed down to you, as well as any potential difficulties that may have been caused by unresolved family issues.

shamanic journey

Embark on a blood and bone healing journey. Be gently guided to connect with the wisdom of healed ancestor to begin the process of healing the threads of your ancestral story, bringing peace to any unresolved issues,  allowing the innate gifts of your ancestors to flow through you.  


Hi, I'm Tania

Life has thrown me some curve balls, from toxic relationships to self-sabotage, deeply rooted from generational trauma. All of which has given me a unique perspective on the power of resilience. I’ve managed to come out the other side stronger and more empowered, than I ever thought possible. And now, I want to help YOU make it through, too.

I am the UK’s leading ancestral alchemist. I believe in the transformational power of ancestral magic. That healing is possible, and that we all have the power to become stronger and more empowered in spite of life’s challenges.

Certified Mastery
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Trauma Informed Coach
  • NLP Master
  • Entangled Roots
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Intuitive Energy Healer
  • Celtic Shamanism
  • Akashic Records
  • Empowered Feminine
  • Magical Herbalism
  • Divine Feminine
  • Journal Therapy
  • EFT
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Soul Plan

 Come & join me around the ancestral fire. Let us listen & learn from the wisdom of our ancestors. Let us remember the lessons they left behind for us. Let us honour their legacy & remember them


Free Live Ancestral Healing Workshop

7:30 to 9 pm (UK Time) - 27 November 2023

*All workshops will be reported and a replay sent out